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Matriculation Number

Immediately you have completed making your payments, your matriculation number will be automatically issued to you. Your newly issued matriculation number becomes your username on the portal immediately after it is issued.

If you have already paid all your fees and you do not know your matriculation number, type your application number in the box below and click "Show me" link to reveal your new matriculation number.
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Portal Login

The portal responds to different users with different options based on the roles assigned to them. Each user of the portal can only perform tasks that assigned to him or her. The Portal achieves these by displaying different menu options for different users.

Student or Staff needs to log in to the Portal before he or she can perform any reasonable task, to log on to the Portal, follow these steps:




Locate the Account Login section on the Portal main screen.


Click and Enter your username in the User Name box.


Click and Enter your password in the Password box


Click Login button.





For Student: Student Username is his Matriculation Number.


For Staff: Staff should contact the Portal Administrator for his Username and Password.


It is the responsibility of the user (Student or Staff) to change initial password at the first time he logs in to the portal.


Paying School Fees Using Interswitch WebPAY

WebPAYDirect is a secure Internet Payment Gateway developed by InterSwitch to facilitate payments on the internet (across all Banks) using all InterSwitch enabled Cards issued by all banks on the network.

1. You should have an Interswitch powered debit card, verve card or master card and Load money into it
2. Login to the portal
3. Select your fees
4. Make Payment
For detailed guide on how to use Interswitch WebPAY to make payment, Click here.

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